Scope and Concern

The Petri Net Newsletter is an information service of the Special Interest Group "Petri Nets and Related System Models" of the Gesellschaft für Informatik (GI), Bonn, Germany. Two issues are published per year.

The Petri Net Newsletter serves as a medium for the rapid distribution of any information on Petri Nets and related system models all over the world. Topics include:

Editorial Board

The editorial board of the Petri Net Newsletter is formed by: Jörg Desel, Ekkart Kindler, Robert Lorenz (executive editor), Kurt Lautenbach, Daniel Moldt, Rüdiger Valk and Karsten Wolf.

Executive Editors

Robert Lorenz
Lehrprofessur für Informatik
Universität Augsburg
Institut für Informatik
Universitätsstr. 6a
D-86159 Augsburg