Konzept und Implementierung einer intuitiven Abfragesprache zur Erhebung von Metriken in Unternehmensarchitekturen

Bachlorarbeit, August 2014

Every company has to adjust to steadily rising requirements from a globally extending market. Growth by business and IT integration is the main enabler for coping with this situation. This very complex field is a domain that is most influenced by enterprise architecture management (EAM). The capabilities of what EAM historically could do has been restricted to mere creation of architectural designs using different frameworks and according tools. However using those models could allow for more, such as the integration of data related to specific EA elements and retrieving appropriate indications of performance for any of these elements in a company. By providing new means of model persistence, enriched with metadata and an appropriate domain specific query language (DSL) this research aims to offer new capabilities in the EAM domain. The prototypical implementation of those components is derived directly from the specific requirements EAM has. As a result the offered solution puts architectural models of EAM in a completely new usecase scenario, furthermore enabling integration between different stakeholders of the EAM domain.