Dr. Bogdan Tofan




Hi and welcome to my page...

Here is a brief overview of what I am particularly interested in:
  • Software correctness, verification, testing, validation
  • Concurrency and parallel programming models 
  • Software security and cryptographic protocols
  • Robotics frameworks and applications 
Here is some stuff that I have been working on over the last years:


  • Formal Methods in Software Engineering
  • Software and System Security
  • System Modeling and Verification
  • Internetsecurity

Some of my supervised bachelor/master theses are:

  • Jörg Pfähler: Formal Verification of Efficient Data Structures for Multi-Core Processors
  • Rico Amslinger: Systematisches Testen Nebenläufiger Datenstrukturen
  • Stefan Schödel: Verification of Concurrent Data Structures: The Wait-Free Multiset Case Study, ...

Verification Competitions

Here are some of the verification competitions we have participated in:


I have been involved in project VeriCAS which is about the formal verification of efficient concurrent algorithms for multi-core processors. My Ph.D. thesis Compositional Concurrent Program Verification with RGITL is about the mechanized verification of concurrent programs based on temporal logic and rely-guarantee reasoning.