Dr. Kurt Stenzel




My main research interests are:

  • IFlow, a project for developing systems with secure information flow. Topics are
    • information flow control theory
    • language based IFC
    • model driven development of IFC aware systems with UML
  • SecureMDD, our model driven development method for security critical applications based on security/cryptographic protocols. This includes
    • modeling security protocols with UML
    • correctness of model transformations
    • formal methods
    • verification of cryptographic protocols
  • GoCard, a project for the development of formal methods for secure Java smart card applications. (Actually, this is a precursor of SecureMDD. This includes
    • specifying security protocols
    • correctness and security of Java Card programs
    • program verification, esp. for Java and Java Card programs
  • interactive theorem proving, and further development of our interactive prover KIV
  • I also teach a course on programming smart cards in Java Card (in German)

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