Dr. Jonathan Schmitt

Jonathan Schmitt




I've started working at the chair of software engineering and programming language in 2004, then as a researcher in the project Protocure. The Protocure project examined the transfer of software engineering knowledge into the medical field. The overall aim is to enhance the quality of medical guidelines.

I was able to transfer quality assurance mechanisms from the software engineering domain to the medical domain and applied it to a real-world medical guideline. This guideline is concerned with the treatment of breast cancer and was in use in the Netherlands from 2002 to 2004. The effort resulted in the uncovering of several anomalies of the guideline, which were communicated back to the guideline developers.

The Protocure is now completed. It is considered a success by the EU and passed the final review with distinction.

In November 2008 I finished my promotion


In addition to my research I'm also involved in teaching and seminars at our chair. To this date, I was involved in the following courses and lectures:

    Software Engineering, course in the elite graduate program
    Computer security, seminar in the elite graduate program
    Advanced requirements engineering, seminar in the elite graduate program
    Provable correct software, practical course
    Programming of Java Smart Cards, practical course
    Internet security, seminar
    System modelling and system verificaton, seminar
    Realtime systems, seminar

My GPG key can be found here