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This page is history, I am no longer employed at the University of Augsburg.

I will read my email from time to time as long as my mail account stays active.
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Welcome to my page!

I am a researcher at the chair of Software Engineering and Programming Languages at the University of Augsburg. My boss is Prof. Dr. W. Reif.

Some informations about my work: Research stuff and thesis:

I am interested in

  • the development of enterprise web applications e.g. using JavaEE
  • applications for mobile devices like handhelds and mobile phones
  • the development of robotics applications

I am involved into teaching and seminars at our faculty. I was working on conception and organisation of the elite graduate program "software engineering". Furthermore, I was involved in the following courses.

  • in the elite graduate program "Finance and Information Management":
    • course: Software Engineering (four times)
    • course: Software for Enterprise Applications (four times)
  • in the graduate program "Applied Computer Science":
    • course: Software Engineering (one time)
    • course: Programming of Java Smart Cards (four times)
    • course: Provable Correct Software (three times)
    • seminar: Advanced Software Engineering (three times)
    • seminar: Internet Security (three times)

Topics covered by those courses range from Software Development Methodologies like the Unified Process using UML to implementation technologies for large Business Applications with e.g. the Java Enterprise Edition as well as the development for Smart Cards. They also cover IT Security for networks and applications as well as formal methods, verification and logics.

I am a member of the GoCard Project, which deals with modelling, verification and implementation of provable secure e- and m-commerce applications.

You can have a look at my publications.

My Ph.D. thesis is about correctness and security of communicating Java applications. You can download the thesis here (written in German) or get the book here or here. The KIV projects containing the results of my Ph.D. work can be found on this site.

Using the results of my PhD work, I was involved in the verification of the Mondex case study with our interactive prover KIV.

In my research, I work on the following topics:

  • security in wired and wireless communication
  • MDA and model-based security engineering
  • verification of Java programs - both automatic and interactive
  • application of formal methods in realistic applications, formal tools for efficient practical use
  • the interactive theorem prover KIV
  • Smartcard Applications and JavaCard

Before working as a researcher I studied applied computer science in Augsburg. Besides that I was working in various companies as a software developer. I also worked as a scientific assistant during my time of study, where I was working on implementation and also verification of case studies for e- and m-commerce applications. One of those projects, the E-ON Application, was presented at the Cebit 2003.

If you want to get in contact with me, just send me an email. You can also add me in Xing, if you want.