Ringvorlesung des Elitestudiengangs Software Engineering

Am Donnerstag, den 10.12. hält Prof. Matthias Tichy von der Universität Ulm ab 17:15 Uhr einen Vortrag in der Ringvorlesung des Elitestudiengangs Software Engineering. Der Vortrag findet in Raum 1057N statt und hat den Titel "Modeling vs./and Reality".

Modeling aims at improving the effectiveness of engineering by using models as important artifacts in the development process. Amongst others, modeling enables early verification and validation activities, supports generation of lower-level artifacts, e.g., source code, and can be used for communication with other stakeholders. Our goal is to empirically investigate how modeling is, can or should be used in industrial practice. We present in this talk several related research studies on modeling in practice and report about the chosen research methods as well as the results. A first study answers how much and with what kind of effects modeling is used in the industrial practice of embedded systems development. The second study compares in an experiment the comprehensibility of a state-based modeling language with a scenario-based language based on a real automotive system specification. Finally, we present an approach to predict the effort of introducing new versions of AUTOSAR, an architectural description language, in automotive companies. We close with an outlook on an ongoing multiple case-study in the automotive domain on the applicability of using models in requirements engineering.

Zum Vortrag sind alle herzlich eingeladen.

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