Members of ISSE are co-organizing two workshops on the SASO 2015 conference in Cambridge, MA, USA: QA4SASO 2015 and SASO^ST 2015

Second Edition of the Workshop on Quality Assurance for Self-adaptive, Self-organising Systems 2015( is co-organized by Wolfgang Reif and Benedikt Eberhardinger; Third International Workshop on Self-Adaptive and Self- Organising Socio-Technical Systems 2015 ( is co- organized by Gerrit Anders

Members of the ISSE are co-organizing QA4SASO 2015 and SASO^ST 2015 at the Ninth IEEE International Conference on Self-Adaptive and Self-Organizing Systems in Cambridge, MA, USA.

SASO^ST: The design and operation of computer systems has traditionally been driven by technical aspects and considerations. However, the usage characteristics of information and communication systems are both implicitly and explicitly determined by social interaction and the social graph of users. This aspect is becoming more and more evident with the increasing popularity of social network applications on the internet. This workshop will address all aspects of self-adaptive and self-organising mechanisms in socio-technical systems, covering different perspectives of this exciting research area ranging from normative and trust management systems to socio-inspired design strategies for distributed algorithms, collaboration platforms and communication protocols.

QA4SASO: Developing self-adaptive, self-organising systems (SASO) that fulfil the requirements of different stakeholders is no simple matter. Quality assurance is required at each phase of the entire development process, starting from requirements elicitation, system architecture design, agent design, and finally in the implementation of the system. The quality of the artefacts from each development phase affects the rest of the system, since all parts are closely related to each other. Furthermore, the shift of adaption decisions from design-time to run-time - necessitated by the need of the systems to adapt to changing circumstances - makes it difficult, but even more essential, to assure high quality standards in these kind of systems. Accordingly, the analysis and evaluation of these self-* systems has to take into account the specific operational context to achieve high quality standards.

The necessity to investigate this field has already been recognised and addressed in different communities but there exists so far no platform to bring all these communities together. Therefore, the workshop will provide an open stage for discussions about the different aspects of quality assurance for self-adaptive, self-organising systems.

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