Live Demonstration - Decentralized Coordination of a Heterogeneous Robot Ensemble

The ISSE showcased its heterogeneous robot swarm during the SASO '16 conference in Augsburg. Using self-organization mechanisms, the robots execute tasks given by gestures of the operator.

Coordinating multiple heterogeneous robots in order to achieve goals cooperatively can become a complex task, in particular in real world applications. Self-organization enables robot systems to adapt to situations autonomously and without a central coordinator. ISSE demonstrated a heterogeneous robot ensemble at the 10th IEEE International Conference on Self-Adaptive and Self-Organizing Systems at the University of Augsburg. The ensemble is able to execute tasks given by gestures of the operator. While some parts of the task (formation type, number of robots, formation base position) are specified by the operator, the choice which robot should do which sub-task is up to the system. All coordination involved to build up a chosen formation is performed onboard the robots, without a central ground station. Due to their ability to autonomously take actions and coordinate themselves with others, the robots are called Self-organizing Devices (SoDs). In the future, ensembles of such SoDs can play a big role in autonomously assisting disaster handling or observing environmental factors like aerosol concentrations or pollination.


Meldung vom 04.11.2016