Gastvortrag von Harald Störrle

Am 14.01. hält Prof. Harald Störrle von der Technischen Universität Dänemark ab 17:15 Uhr einen Gastvortrag in der Ringvorlesung des Elitestudiengangs Software Engineering. Der Vortrag findet in Raum 1057N statt, das Thema ist "Requirements Engineering State of the Art: Motives, Insights, Tools".

Requirements Engineering is well-known to be a critical factor in the success (or failure) of major projects. Any seasoned practitioner has their own, different set of personal experiences of what does and does not work in Requirements Engineering. Or rather: under which circumstances this or that approach seems promising. Based on these experiences we form personal preferences in methods - and many a fast-talking consultant is rather convinced of the medicine they sell. Counter-examples may not get the same attention as success stories. But how can we be sure about the RE methods that we love and believe in? How can we tell hype from innovation? And even more important: what are the right topics and techniques to include in academic teaching?

In this talk, I will briefly discuss the power and limitations of the evidence-based Software Engineering research paradigm that aspires to bring light to this shady business. I shall present some interesting empirical results relevant to RE, and I will present the RED ecosystem, a suite of RE tool specifically geared (but not limited) to academic training.

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