Gastvortrag von Enrique Garcia Perez vom SAP Innovation Center am 02.07.2015

Am Donnerstag, den 02.07.2015, hält Enrique Garcia Perez vom SAP Innovation Center ab 17:15 Uhr einen Vortrag in der Ringvorlesung des Elitestudiengangs Software Engineering. Der Vortrag findet in Raum 1057N statt und hat den Titel "Current research at the SAP Innovation Center".

Part 1: Architecture and Design of a Massive-scale Data Management System
We present the architecture and design of the SAP HANA Scale-Out Extension (SOE). The goal of HANA SOE is to complement the scale-up oriented HANA core data platform with massive scale-out capabilities for mixed OLTP/OLAP workloads, enabling Big Data analytics and Internet of Things scenarios. This is achieved by decoupling the main database components and providing them as services in a distributed landscape, a design choice made possible by recent advances in high-throughput, low-latency networks and storage devices. We detail three central components and their interplay: a distributed query executor, a transaction broker, and a distributed shared log.

Part 2: Medical Research Insights
Healthcare is one of the aspects of our lives that will be impacted most by information technology in the coming years. Trends such as personalized medicine, based on in-depth analysis of the human genome, proteome and other biological data will change the way diseases are diagnosed and treated. This also poses new challenges for physicians and other healthcare professionals, all of whom must consider many individual pieces of information from different sources and collaborate in interdisciplinary teams to take the right treatment decisions. With the Medical Research Insights solution, users can filter and group patients according to different attributes, which can be customized for different cancer centers. Thanks to a generic healthcare data model, patient data from many different sources, such as clinical information systems, tumor registries, biobank systems and even text documents like physicians' notes can be accessed. Patient cohorts can be persisted and edited collaboratively, exported for further analysis in other software or compared according to different metrics, such as number of patients, age or treatment response. In addition, Medical Research Insights offers a comprehensive overview of each individual patient's medical history in a graphical timeline, making it easy to access information on any level of detail.

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