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The chair of Software Engineering at the University Augsburg performs research, development, and education in software quality, computer safety, and security. The emphasis is put on the systematic construction of high assurance systems for technical, safety- or security-critical, and commercial applications. A major competence are formal methods for rigorous specification, mathematical analysis, and verification of systems. For more than a decade the group has experience with a variety of formal methods in different application areas. The group has developed industrial strength support tools, and has a strong background in mechanized reasoning. The group distributes the tool KIV, and offers various services to industry and academia.

Chair of Software Engineering


Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Reif
University of Augsburg
Chair of Software Engineering
Department of Computer Science
86135 Augsburg


Tel :+49 8 21 / 598 - 21 74
Fax :+49 8 21 / 598 - 21 75
e-mail: sekretariat.isse@informatik.uni-augsburg.de

Chair of Software Engineering