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image/svg+xml mobile User1: User2: User3: Audio: Acceleration(z): Acceleration(y): Acceleration(x): Audio: Acceleration(z): Acceleration(y): Acceleration(x): Audio: Acceleration(z): Acceleration(y): Acceleration(x): 41% proportion of laughter 35% proportion of talk 39% proportion of laughter 20% proportion of laughter 33% proportion of talk 32% proportion of talk Walk(outdoor) Walk(outdoor) Sitting(indoor) Data of session 1 1h 37 min 1h 30 min Research topics Mobile Social Signal InterpretationUsing SSI on mobile and embeddeddevices such as Android phones,Tizen watches or Raspberry Pi -We see social signal processing in placesand situations that bring new challengesand chances with them. Person environment interplay(therapeutic landscapes)Sensors capture surrounding environmentas well as a persons signals.This draws a better picture ofthe current situation so we can usecontext clues to fight information loss fromdegraded signal quality on mobile systems. Social behaviour analysis in the wildBringing knowledge from the lab(e.g. from laugh detection)into real world situations we learn moreabout social interaction.Laughter within groups is contagious as canbe seen with the aid of the yellow markersin the picture on the right. Game programming (teaching)Games can server multiple functionssuch as visualisation of analysed data,motivation of the user via story-tellinginvolvement for tasks that requireuser interaction.Last but not least games,especially on mobile systems,depend on input systems, such as SSI.