Dr. llhan Aslan


Akad. Rat

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Research Interests

My research focus is broadly on embodied interaction and human-artefact relations. I like to take inspirations from embodied and situated theories of cognition and related frameworks (including Somaesthetics) into the design of multi-modal “interfaces” (or aesthetic embodied experiences). Becoming something else through unifying “interfaces” with the human body (and mind) is my IxD philosophy. I consider my computing and design research as positive and constructive, aiming to understand the current state of human-artefact relations in specific situations and trying to explore future alternatives.  


Projektmodule / Praxismodule

If you are interested to do a Projektmodul or Praxismodul in HCI please send me an e-mail. I like to regard Projektmodul/Praxismodul work as a first step towards identifying a potential follow-up Bachelor or Master theses. Topics are similiar to Bachelor or Master theses topics but less focussed and more explorative.

Bachelor / Master Theses

I am happy to supervise students who are interested in HCI, and IxD topics, such as:

  • IoT (i.e., augmenting everyday objects, such as plush toys and plants with sensors and actuators for relational Human-Artefact interaction) 
  • Gesture- and Body-based Human-Artefact interaction
  • Wearable Interfaces and Physiological sensors
  • Interaction in VR, AR, and mixed-reality
  • Measuring UX and well-being
  • and combinations  

Note: I am currently looking for students interested in exploring HCI with the Microsoft HoloLens ( and/or the Xsens motion tracking suit ( .  (start: Februray/March 2018)



Susana V. Garcia (Bachelor Thesis, ongoing)
Simon Raedler (Master Thesis, ongoing)
Florian Mueller (Master Thesis, ongoing)
Bjoern Bittner (Master Thesis, ongoing)
Julian Kraus (Bachelor Thesis, ongoing)
Maximilian Reich (Master Thesis, 2017)
Fabian Brain (Bachelor Thesis, 2017)


Nicole Perterer (Salzburg University, Doctoral Thesis, Co-Advisor, ongoing)
Katja Neureiter (Salzburg University, Doctoral Thesis, Co-Advisor, 2016)


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