Pen-Pen: A Wellbeing Design to Help Commuters Rest and Relax

Monika Pichlmair, Carolin Brandt, Marcel Henrich, Alexander Biederer, Ilhan Aslan, Björn Bittner, and Elisabeth André

erschienen 16.10.2018 in: Boulder, CO, USA Proceedings of the Workshop on Human-Habitat for Health (H3): Human-Habitat Multimodal Interaction for Promoting Health and Well-Being in the Internet of Things Era

Verlag: ACM, New York, NY, USA

ISBN: 978-1-4503-6075-3/18/10 DOI:


We report on the design process and evaluation of Pen-Pen, which is a design combining a neck-cushion, a mobile app, and a multi-modal feedback loop to help commuters relax and rest during commuting hours. The design process of Pen- Pen includes a series of inquiries, which identified “support for relaxation” and “location based arrival notification” as desires of commuters, and “mindfulness” and feelings of “autonomy” as relevant determinants of commuters’ wellbeing. We evaluated Pen-Pen in the field with five commuters, and through an online survey with 68 participants. Our results indicate that using Pen-Pen has the potential to increase feelings of rest and autonomy, and to foster mindfulness through the feedback loop which feedbacks spatial audio based on user location and finger touch. Especially commuters who reported to be less mindful and easily stressed anticipate Pen-Pen to be useful for them.