Modeling Gaze Mechanisms for Grounding in HRI

Modeling Gaze Mechanisms for Grounding in HRI

erschienen 2014 in: ACM International Conference Proceedings Proceedings of the 21th European Conference on Artificial intelligence, ECAI' 14, pp. 1069 - 1070, Prague, Czech Republic, August 18-22, 2014, Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications, Volume 263.

Verlag: IOS Press, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

DOI: 10.3233/978-1-61499-419-0-1069


Grounding is essential in human interaction and crucial for social robots collaborating with humans. Gaze plays versatile roles for establishing, maintaining and repairing the common ground. It is combined with parallel modalities and involved in several processes for behavior generation and recognition. We present a uniform modeling approach focusing on the multi-modal, parallel and bidirectional aspects of gaze and their interleaving with the dialog logic.


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