Evaluating the Effectiveness of Visualizations for Comparing Energy Usage Data

Elisabeth André, René Bühling, Birgit Endrass, Masood Masoodian

in: Como, Italy Workshop Proceedings of FSEA 2014, The AVI 2014 Workshop on Fostering Smart Energy Applications through Advanced Visual Interfaces

Verlag: Working Paper Series 01/2014, Department of Computer Science, The University of Waikato

Fundstelle: pp 5-8


In recent years, various interactive systems and visualization techniques have been proposed to promote energy saving by encouraging people to compare their energy usage data with those of others, as well as with their own historical usage data. Many of these systems rely on conventional visualizations such as time-series and pie-charts to allow making such comparisons. Unfortunately however, most of these visualizations
are never evaluated to assess their effective in allowing easy comparisons of different energy usage data. In this paper we discuss the need for formal evaluation of visualizations that aim to support such comparisons, and provide a case study using an evaluation we have conducted to compare two alternative visualizations that we have developed.