Motion Capturing Empowered Interaction with a Virtual Agent in an Augmented Reality Environment

Ionut Damian, Felix Kistler, Mohammad Obaid, Rene Buehling, Mark Billinghurst, Elisabeth André

erschienen 4.10.2013 in: Adelaide, SA, Australia Proceedings of International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality, 2013

Verlag: IEEE

We present an Augmented Reality (AR) system where we immerse the user’s whole body in the virtual scene using a motion capturing (MoCap) suit. The goal is to allow for seamless interaction with the virtual content within the AR environment. We describe an evaluation study of a prototype application featuring an interactive scenario with a virtual agent. The scenario contains two conditions: in one, the agent has access to the full tracking data of the MoCap suit and therefore is aware of the exact actions of the user, while in the second condition, the agent does not get this information. We then report and discuss the differences we were able to detect regarding the users’ perception of the interaction with the agent and give future research directions.