The Social Signal Interpretation Framework (SSI) for Real Time Signal Processing and Recognition

Wagner, Johannes and Lingenfelser, Florian and André, Elisabeth

erschienen 2011 in: Florence, Italy Proceedings of Interspeech 2011

The construction of systems for recording, processing and recognising a human's social and affective signals is a challenging effort that includes numerous but necessary sub-tasks to be dealt with. In this article, we introduce our Social Signal Interpretation (SSI) tool, a framework dedicated to support the development of such systems. It provides a flexible architecture to construct pipelines to handle multiple modalities like audio or video and establishing on- and offline recognition tasks. The plug-in system of SSI encourages developers to integrate external code, while a XML interface allows anyone to write own applications with a simple text editor. Furthermore, data recording, annotation and classification can be done using a straightforward graphical user interface, allowing simple access to inexperienced users.