Trust Management of Ubiquitous Multi-Display Environments

Ekaterina Kurdyukova, Elisabeth André and Karin Leichtenstern

Ubiquitous Display Environments, Cognitive Technologies

Verlag: T. Kuflik and A. Krüger, Eds., Springer

ISBN: 3642276628


While a lot of research has been devoted on improving the security and the reliability of ubiquitous display environments, work on the user experience factor of trust is still scarce. To ensure that ubiq- uitous environments nd acceptance among users, the user experience factor of trust should, however, not be underestimated. In this paper, we present a decision-theoretic approach to a trust management which we consider in particular appropriate when a system has to carefully bal- ance the benets and risks of a decision. In the paper, we dene decision policies that help maintain trust in critical situations, such as the loss of sensor data or the presence of unknown people. The approach has been employed in three interactive applications that have been developed as part of a university-wide ubiquitous displays management system.