A multimodal corpus for gesture expressivity analysis

G. Caridakis, Johannes Wagner, A. Raouzaiou, Z. Curto, Elisabeth Andre and K. Karpouzis

erschienen 2010 "Multimodal Corpora: Advances in Capturing, Coding and Analyzing Multimodality, LREC"


This work presents the design and implementation of corpus recording sessions along with some preliminary processing results. Captured modalities include speech and facial expressions but the focus is on hand gesture expressivity. Thus, this is the primary modality and is recorded using three methods: bare hands, Nintendo Wii remote controls and datagloves. Such a setup allows for multimodal affective analysis and potentially provide quantitative parameters for synthesis of systems affectively aware and able to convey affect, such as Embodied Conversational Agents. Additionally, comparative studies of gesture expressivity based on different recording techniques could be based on the introduced corpus. Cross cultural affective behavior issues are also incorporated since the experiment was performed in three countries i.e. Greece, Germany and Italy.


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