SSI/ModelUI - A Tool for the Acquisition and Annotation of Human Generated Signals

Johannes Wagner, Elisabeth André, M. Kugler and D. Leberle

erschienen 2010 "DAGA 2010"


The modelling and simulation of human behaviour during conversations with other humans is crucial for more natural human-computer interaction. This requires the analysis of human generated data recorded in such situations. Since humans express their feeling and intensions through a large number of channels, e.g. speech, mimic or posture, these corpora must include various types of signals. The synchronized recording and analysis of multiple signals, however, is not a trivial task and requires the use of tailored tools. In this paper we introduce a software component, called SSI/ModelUI, which supports the acquisition and annotation of multimodal corpora. In fact, the tool also allows the building of data driven models based on the labelled segments, which can be used with an online classifier. This way, the tool combines the tasks of recording, annotation and training in a single application. 


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