The Smart Sensor Integration Framework and its Application in EU Projects

Johannes Wagner, Frank Jung, Jonghwa Kim, Thurid Vogt and Elisabeth André

erschienen 2010 "Workshop on Bio-inspired Human-Machine Interfaces and Healthcare Applications (B-Interface 2010)", Pages 13 - 21

Verlag: INSTICC Press


Affect sensing by machines is an essential part of next-generation human-computer interaction (HCI). However, despite the large effort carried out in this field during the last decades, only few applications exist, which are able to react to a user’s emotion in real-time. This is certainly due to the fact that emotion recognition is a challenging part in itself. Another reason is that so far most effort has been put towards offline analysis and only few applications exist, which can react to a user’s emotion in real-time. In response to this deficit we have developed a framework called Smart Sensor Integration (SSI), which considerably jump-starts the development of multimodal online emotion recognition (OER) systems. In this paper, we introduce the SSI framework and describe how it is successfully applied in different projects under grant of the European Union, namely the CALLAS and METABO project, and the IRIS network.


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