Multimodal Corpora: From Models of Natural Interaction to Systems and Applications

Matthias Rehm, Elisabeth André, Nikolaus Bee, Birgit Endraß, Michael Wißner, Yukiko Nakano, Afia Akhter Lipi, Toyoaki Nishida and Hung-Hsuan Huang

erschienen 2009 "Creating Standardized Video Recordings of Multimodal Interactions Across Cultures", Pages 138 - 159

Verlag: Springer


Trying to adapt the behavior of an interactive system to the cultural background of the user requires information on how relevant behaviors differ as a function of the user’s cultural background. To gain such insights in the interrelation of culture and behavior patterns, the information from the literature is often too anecdotal to serve as the basis for modeling a system’s behavior, making it necessary to collect multimodal corpora in a standardized fashion in different cultures. In this chapter, the challenges of such an endeavor are introduced and solutions are presented by examples from a German-Japanese project that aims at modeling culture-specific behaviors for Embodied Conversational Agents.