Introducing Multiple Interaction Devices to Interactive Storytelling: Experiences from Practice

Ekaterina Kurdyukova, Elisabeth André and Karin Leichtenstern

erschienen 2009 "Proceedings of the 2nd Joint International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling: Interactive Storytelling", ICIDS '09, Pages 134 - 139

Verlag: Springer

ISBN: 978-3-642-10642-2 DOI:


Introducing multiple interaction devices into an interactive story provides certain advantages to the system: it fosters collaboration in multi-user settings, increases user involvement, and addresses more perception channels and user senses. It is a challenging task for designers to introduce multiple interaction devices into an interactive storytelling (IS) system. In this paper we report on our experiences with the design and evaluation of an IS system, called ORIENT. The system was created for multi-user settings; it embeds various interaction devices, such as mobile phones, a dance pad, a Wiimote, and RFID tags. We report on user feedback and derive design challenges that should be considered when creating interaction devices for IS systems.


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