The Assisted User-Centred Generation and Evaluation of Pervasive Interfaces

Karin Leichtenstern and Elisabeth André

erschienen 2009 "Ambient Intelligence", "Lecture Notes in Computer Science", Volume 5859, Pages 245 - 255

Verlag: Springer



The usability of a pervasive interface is crucial because it is a quality criterion which can determine about the success or the failure of a product. The application of the user-centred design is a possibility to reach a good design. However, this process requires combined knowledge of software and usability engineering. A lack of these skills can cause long development times and additional costs as well as badly usable interfaces. We address these problems and support interface developers with a tool-based assistance which reduces the required programming and interface design skills of the developers in order to more efficiently conduct the user-centred design. In this paper we describe this tool-based assistance for the user-centred generation and evaluation of pervasive interfaces for mobile phones as well as its evaluation.


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