From observation to simulation: generating culture-specific behavior for interactive systems

Matthias Rehm, Yukiko Nakano, Elisabeth André, Toyoaki Nishida, Nikolaus Bee, Birgit Endrass, Michael Wissner, Afia Akhter Lipi and Hung-Hsuan Huang

erschienen 2009 "AI Soc.", Volume 24, Issue 3, Pages 267 - 280

Verlag: Springer



In this article we present a parameterized model for generating multimodal behavior based on cultural heuristics. To this end, a multimodal corpus analysis of human interactions in two cultures serves as the empirical basis for the modeling endeavor. Integrating the results from this empirical study with a well-established theory of cultural dimensions, it becomes feasible to generate culture-specific multimodal behavior in embodied agents by giving evidence for the cultural background of the agent. Two sample applications are presented that make use of the model and are designed to be applied in the area of coaching intercultural communication.