First ideas on the use of affective cues in an empathic computer-based companion

Nikolaus Bee, Elisabeth André, Thurid Vogt and Patrick Gebhard

erschienen 2009 "AAMAS '09 Workshop on Empathic Agents"


This paper describes a system to enhance the interaction between humans and virtual characters with emotional mimicry and role-taking. Such system increases the believability of virtual agents. Mimicking necessitates a model of emotional intelligence to understand and display user’s emotions. A more complex processing is however necessary for a reactive behavior, where the virtual agent reacts e.g. in an encouraging way which allows to actively change user’s current state. A virtual character with highly expressive capabilities was created to create a platform to figure out the differences in mimicking and role-taking. As we will concentrate on nonverbal behavior input from users, our agent will not be able to understand what, but how users are speaking.