Writing with Your Eye: A Dwell Time Free Writing System Adapted to the Nature of Human Eye Gaze

Nikolaus Bee and Elisabeth André

erschienen 2008 "Proceedings of the 4th IEEE tutorial and research workshop on Perception and Interactive Technologies for Speech-Based Systems: Perception in Multimodal Dialogue Systems", PIT '08, Pages 111 - 122

Verlag: Springer

ISBN: 978-3-540-69368-0 DOI:


We investigate the usability of an eye controlled writing interface that matches the nature of human eye gaze, which always moves and is not immediately able to trigger the selection of a button. Such an interface allows the eye continuously to move and it is not necessary to dwell upon a specific position to trigger a command. We classify writing into three categories (typing, gesturing, and continuous writing) and explain why continuous writing comes closest to the nature of human eye gaze. We propose Quikwriting, which was originally designed for handhelds, as a method for text input that meets the requirements of eye gaze controlled input best. We adapt its design for the usage with eye gaze. Based on the results of a first study, we formulate some guidelines for the design of future Quikwriting-based eye gaze controlled applications.