EVAL - an evaluation component for mobile interfaces

Karin Leichtenstern, Dennis Erdmann and Elisabeth André

erschienen 2008 "Proceedings of the 10th international conference on Human computer interaction with mobile devices and services", MobileHCI '08, Pages 483 - 484

Verlag: ACM

ISBN: 978-1-59593-952-4 DOI:


The Eval Tool is a usability evaluation environment which can be used to evaluate users an their behaviour while they interact with their pervasive computing environment via a mobile phone interface. The tool supports audio-visual recordings of several users and automatically annotates and synchronizes them with context data emerging from the pervasive environment. The annotation of video material with contextual information is important for the analysis of user studies and the detection of usability issues. The EVAL Tool consists of a recorder and a analyzer component. Using the recorder component the capturing of the videos and the logging of the context can be controlled whereas the analyzer components helps to interpret the user study.


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