EMG-based hand gesture recognition for realtime biosignal interfacing

Jonghwa Kim, Stephan Mastnik and Elisabeth André

erschienen 2008 "Proceedings of the 13th international conference on Intelligent user interfaces", IUI '08, Pages 30 - 39
ISBN: 978-1-59593-987-6 DOI:


In this paper the development of an electromyogram (EMG) based interface for hand gesture recognition is presented. To recognize control signs in the gestures, we used a single channel EMG sensor positioned on the inside of the forearm. In addition to common statistical features such as variance, mean value, and standard deviation, we also calculated features from the time and frequency domain including Fourier variance, region length, zerocrosses, occurrences, etc. For realizing real-time classification assuring acceptable recognition accuracy, we combined two simple linear classifiers (k-NN and Bayes) in decision level fusion. Overall, a recognition accuracy of 94% was achieved by using the combined classifier with a selected feature set. The performance of the interfacing system was evaluated through 40 test sessions with 30 subjects using an RC Car. Instead of using a remote control unit, the car was controlled by four different gestures performed with one hand. In addition, we conducted a study to investigate the controllability and ease of use of the interface and the employed gestures.


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