Parameters for Linking Socio-Cultural Characteristics with Nonverbal Expressiveness; Comparison between Japanese and German Nonverbal Behaviors (in Japanese)

Yukiko Nakano, Matthias Rehm and Afia Akhter Lipi

erschienen 2008 "Proceedings of HAI (Human Agent Interaction)"


This paper proposes a parameter-based model that predicts nonverbal expressions appropriate for specific cultures. First, we introduce the Hofstede theory to describe socio-cultural characteristics of each country. Then, based on the previous studies of expressive categories of nonverbal behaviors, we propose dimensions to characterize nonverbal behaviors. Then, we analyze CUBE-G corpus, which we collected, by using the expressiveness dimensions. Finally, by integrating socio-cultural characteristics and nonverbal expressive characteristics, we establish a Bayesian network model that predicts nonverbal expressiveness from a country name, and vice versa.


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