Gaze-based infotainment agents

Helmut Prendinger, Tobias Eichner, Elisabeth André and Mitsuru Ishizuka

erschienen 2007 "Proceedings of the international conference on Advances in computer entertainment technology", ACE '07, Pages 87 - 90

Verlag: ACM

ISBN: 978-1-59593-640-0 DOI:


We propose an infotainment presentation system that relies on eyegaze as an intuitive and unobtrusive input modality. The system analyzes eye movements in real-time to infer users' attention, visual interest, and preference regarding interface objects. The application consists of a virtual showroom where a team of two highly realistic 3D agents presents product items in an entertaining and attractive way. The presentation flow adapts to the user's attentiveness and interest, or lack thereof, and thus provides a more personalized and user-attentive experience of the presentation.


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