A Plug and Play Framework for Theories of Social Group Dynamics

Matthias Rehm, Birgit Endrass and Elisabeth André

erschienen 2006 in: Berlin, Heidelberg "Intelligent Virtual Agents", "Lecture Notes in Computer Science", Volume 4133, Pages 465 - 466

Verlag: Springer



We present an extensible framework for behavior control of social agents in a multi-agent system that has the following features. It implements a basic repertoire of socio-psychological models of behavior and interpersonal interactions that can be plugged and unplugged at will depending on the specific context of the application. This enables us to test several theories in isolation or combination to increase the transparency of the system and to investigate how the inclusion of a certain theory influences the behavior of the agents. Unlike earlier approaches, our approach is not bound to a specific theory. Thus, it becomes possible to run a simulation with the same set of agents using different theories to compare their effect.


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