Interactive Information Agents and Interfaces

Matthias Klusch, Elisabeth André, Thomas Rist, Toru Ishida and Hideyuki Nakanishi

erschienen 2005 "Handbook of Human Factors in Web Design", Pages 211 - 236

Verlag: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates


Research and development in the domain of intelligent information agents aims at providing innovative solutions to the challenges of the current and future information landscape that is largely dominated by Internet-based, pervasive computing infrastructures, and huge volumes of heterogeneous, volatile, redundant, and geographically dispersed data. The main challenges are how to discover, integrate, and provide relevant information to the user in a flexible, knowledge-based, scalable, and resource-efficient way. Prominent but limited solution approaches to this problem include federated database systems to integrate heterogeneous, structured data; Web indices, directories, and search engines; and data warehouses and distributed data mining systems to analyze massive, distributed data sets. (First paragraph of introduction)


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