Where do they look? Gaze Behaviors of Multiple Users Interacting with an ECA

Matthias Rehm und Elisabeth André

erschienen 2005 in: Berlin, New York "Intelligent Virtual Agents: 5th International Working Conference, IVA 2005", Pages 241 - 252

Verlag: Springer


In this paper, we describe an experiment we conducted to determine the user's level of engagement in a multi-party scenario consisting of human and synthetic interlocutors. In particular, we were interested in the question of whether humans accept a synthetic agent as a genuine conversational partner that is worthy of being attended to in the same way as the human interlocutors. We concentrated on gaze behaviors as one of the most important predictors of conversational attention. Surprisingly, humans paid more attention to an agent that talked to them than to a human conversational partner. No such effect was observed in the reciprocal case, namely when humans addressed an agent as opposed to a human interlocutor.