From Chatterbots to Natural Interaction --- Face to Face Communication with Embodied Conversational Agents

Matthias Rehm and Elisabeth André

erschienen 2005 "IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems, Special Issue on Life-Like Agents and Communication", "IEICE - Trans. Inf. Syst.", Volume E88-D, Issue 11, Pages 2445 - 2452

Verlag: Oxford University Press



In this paper, we present a game of dice that combines multi-party communication with a tangible interface. The game has been used as a testbed to study typical conversational behavior patterns in interactions between human users and synthetic agents. In particular, we were interested in the question to what extent the interaction with the agent can be considered as natural. As an evaluation criterion, we propose to investigate whether the communicative behaviors of humans differ when conversing with an agent as opposed to conversing with other humans.


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