Living with Dynamic Concepts in Dynamic Environments Intelligent Agents that Adapt Themselves

Matthias Rehm

"Proceedings of the IEEE/WIC International Conference on Intelligent Agent Technology", IAT '03, Page 39

Verlag: IEEE Computer Society

ISBN: 0-7695-1931-8 DOI:


In this paper a dynamic perspective on concepts for intelligent agents is propagated. The discussion on the nature of concepts can be simplified to a dichotomy between objective/static and subjective/dynamic approaches. In the objective case, concepts are the same for all individuals. Under a dynamic perspective, concepts depend on different factors like the learning process, the environment, i.e. the situational setting. It is indispensable for an agent to create individual concepts that adhere to restrictions imposed by the environment and the society it is living in. It is shown that changes in the environment lead to changes in existing concepts and to establishing new ones with only a small irritation in the use of the old ones.