Language guiding concept formation in artificial agents

Matthias Rehm

in: Lund "Proceedings of the 18th SCL", "Travaux de l'institut de linguistique de Lund", Volume 2, Number 39, Pages 241 - 253

Verlag: Lund University


This paper presents work on concept formation in artificial systems, so called agents. It focuses on questions concerning the role language can play during the concept formation process and thus advocates a position of linguistic relativity. Language is seen as a factor influencing the formation process but there are other factors as well as, e.g., the concrete situational setting or the current action an agent is involved in. Language can play a special role here as it supplies conceptual constraints to the agent, i.e. a guideline to analyze incoming data according to the habits of the language community. As language influences concept formation, the concepts created are to a certain extent language specific. Using these concepts during cognitivetasks like actions selection will lead to an implicit influence of language on these tasks.


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