Getting the mobile users in: three systems that support collaboration in an environment with heterogeneous communication devices

Thomas Rist, Patrick Brandmeier, Gerd Herzog and Elisabeth André

in: New York "Proceedings of the working conference on Advanced visual interfaces", "AVI '00", Pages 250 - 254

Verlag: ACM Press

ISBN: 1-58113-252-2 DOI:


In this paper we present MapViews, Magic Lounge, and Call-Kiosk, three different but related systems that address the integration of mobile communication terminals into multi-user applications. MapViews is a test-bed to investigate how a small group of geographically dispersed users can jointly solve localization and route planning tasks while being equipped with different communication terminals. Magic Lounge is a virtual meeting space that provides a number of communication support services and allows its users to connect via heterogeneous devices. Finally, we sketch Call-Kiosk a system that is currently being designed for setting up a commercial information service for mobile clients. All three systems emphasize the high demand for automated design approaches which are able to generate information presentations that are tailored to the available presentation capabilities of particular target devices.


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