Education through Characters with emotional-Intelligence and Role-playing Capabilities that Understand Social Interaction

Projektstart: 01.03.2006
Projektende: 28.02.2009
Laufzeit: 36 Monate
Projektträger: EU (Europäische Union)
Projektverantwortung vor Ort: Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Andre
Beteiligte WissenschaftlerInnen der Universität Augsburg: Thurid Vogt
Dr. Matthias Rehm
Karin Bee
Beteiligte WissenschaftlerInnen / Kooperationen:


eCIRCUS will develop a new approach in the use of ICT to support social and emotional learning within Personal and Social Education (PSE). This will be achieved through virtual role-play with synthetic characters that establish credible and empathic relations with the learners. To attain this, eCIRCUS investigates educational role-play using autonomous synthetic characters and involving the child through affective engagement, including the use of standard and highly innovative interaction mechanisms.