Hassan Aly Selim
Physics Simulation with Virtual Object and Real Objects on the Microsoft Surface
Betreuer: M. Sc. Chi-Tai Dang
18 Seiten, deutsch

This thesis was supervised for the German University in Cairo (Egypt)

With the rise of multi-touch devices, developers and designers started making use of the new multi-touch technology in various applications and games which can be controlled by one or more fingers to achieve various tasks, but until now most of the multi-touch interaction is based on scripted gesture systems. This thesis attempts to take this to the next level by making use of modern physics engines that are used in console and computer games so that the interaction is based on realistic physical interactions similar to real life physical manipulation of objects.

To achieve this a technique was developed which captures the shape of the objects placed on the Microsoft Surface and inserts them into a physics engine that does all the required calculations to make the interaction between the objects feel natural and realistic.

In order to demonstrate what this technique offers, a simple arcade-style base defense game was developed where players try to destroy the opponents' bases by shooting projectiles at it, and players can defend themselves from incoming projectiles by deflecting them using their own hand or any other real object that can be placed on the surface. A lot of Game Design rules and guidelines were taken into consideration to make this game fun and capable of being used in scenarios where there is a multi-touch device placed in a public venue, so people passing by can figure out how to play the game in a matter of seconds without the need of any textual instructions.