Martin Straub
Entwicklung und Implementierung einer Evaluationsumgebung für Anwendungen auf Multi-Touch-Oberflächen
Betreuer: M. Sc. Chi-Tai Dang
77 Seiten, deutsch

In this thesis an evaluation environment is proposed which supports the development and evaluation of applications for multi-touch surfaces. The environment consists of a framework and a collection of serveral tools. A new method has also been developed to map the collection of indiviual finger touches to their associated hand as part of this evaluation environment. After providing a review of multi-touch technology and related evaluation methods, the design of the system and its application is described. Several exemplary user studies of multi-touch interaction with focus on multi-hand use and hand distinction has been carried out. The thesis conludes with a description of the results of the support given by the environment to carry out the user studies, as well as describing the additional ndings of the studies.