Theory of Concurrent Systems

The research interest of the Professorship for Theoretical Informatics focuses on the theory of distributed systems which are mainly modelled with Petri nets or in process algebras. The emphasis lies on:

Semantics Supporting the Modular Construction of Systems

Large systems are usually designed of components which work in parallel; in such a setting, it is desirable to be able to replace one component by another having the same behaviour, such that the behaviour of the whole system remains unchanged. This can only be ensured, if behaviour is suitably defined.

Efficiency of Asynchronous Systems

Descriptions of behaviour where the required time is taken into consideration are usually based on synchronous systems where the components are controlled by a clock signal and can synchronise with each other via time. This is not possible in asynchronous systems. However, time information may be used to compare the efficiency of systems.

Partial Order Semantics for Efficient Verification

Distributed systems often have an exponentially large state space, which renders it difficult to check the desirable properties. Partial order semantics, among others, can lead to a compact state space presentation and thus help to avoid the so-called state space explosion.

Efficient Synthesis of Asynchronous Circuits via Decomposition of Petri Nets

The behaviour of an asynchronous circuit can be specified by a Petri net, a so-called STG; the standard method to synthesise a circuit from an STG easily suffers from state space explosion. To avoid this, the Petri net may be broken up into components for which circuits are synthesised which together will display the desired behaviour.


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