22./23.03.2017 – SMDS Strategy Workshop

Our professorship's annual strategy workshop took again place at the conference center located within the monastery in Irsee. This time, the focus areas were on infrastructure planning, different aspects of the SMDS public image, various approaches and ideas for further enhancing the quality of teaching as well as an updated "stocktaking" of covered research areas and connecting factors. The two-day session offered plenty of room for prolific discussions and can in conclusion be deemed exceedingly fertile.


from left: Christian Saad, Christoph Etzel, Adrian Rumpold, Philipp Lohmüller, Julian Kienberger, Bernhard Bauer, Reinhard Pröll, Melanie Langermeier, Simon Lohmüller, Julia Rauscher, Thomas Driessen


16.-19.2.2017 - Publication at the BHI Orlando, USA

At the IEEE International Conference on Biomedical and Health Informatics (BHI) of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (IEEE-EMBS), we have presented the paper "Smart Data Integration within a Wellbeing Application Platform". This work shows the approach of the combination of cheap health sensors which are used everyday, and expensive, accurate hospital devices. Through combining this new data source with Internet of Things of medical devices, a Wellbeing Application Platform can be created. This platform generates Smart Data on the basis of Deep Learning to provide costumized recommendations. To prove the versatility three use cases are presented.