Safety and Security Architecture Analyses Framework for the Internet of Things of Medical Devices

Julia Rauscher, Bernhard Bauer

published 17.09.18 in: Ostrava, Czech Republic 20th Proceedings of Healthcom Conference, 17.-20. September 2018, Ostrava Czech Republic

Internet of Things (IoT) is spreading increasingly in different areas of application. Accordingly, IoT also gets deployed in health care including ambient assisted living, telemedicine or medical smart homes. However, IoT also involves risks. Next to increased security issues also safety concerns are occurring. Deploying health care sensors and utilizing medical data causes a high need for IoT architectures free of vulnerabilities in order to identify weak points as early as possible. To address this, we are developing a safety and security analysis approach including a standardized meta model and an IoT safety and security framework comprising a customizable analysis language.