Modeling, self-composition and self-configuration of reference processes based on semantic concepts

Start date: 01.04.2007
Funded by: Universität Augsburg
Local head of project: Florian Lautenbacher
Local scientists: Bernhard Bauer
Thomas Eisenbarth


Todays business process models can only be adjusted to present markets with a sizeably amount of resources and often a considerable delay. Thereby reference models can offer an important support in designing. But if these are more complex their generation, further development and implementation gets expensive and voluminous. Therefore, the transformation of emergent web technologies - web services and semantic concepts - needs to be analysed for the dynamic and semantic-based building of reference models to make them more flexible and dynamic. The aim is the deployment of a new modelling, analysis and synthesis method, which is based on a holistic, architectural model, i.e. reference model processes and services are integrated and this makes it possible to create and use reference models (semi-)automated by transferring the idea of an emergent web technology. An evaluation of the research results will be made in the usage sphere asset management service (consumer business) of financial service providers, in which a case study will be developed.