Business Requirements Management 3.0

Start date: 01.08.2008
Duration: 3 years
Funded by: FuE-Programm"Informations- und Kommunikationstechnik"des Freistaates Bayern
Local head of project: Prof. Dr. Bernhard Bauer
Local scientists: Wolf Fischer
Stefan Fenn
Christian Saad
External scientists / cooperations: Companio AG, Neu Ulm


Considering the developments in the area of computer science, the current management of business requirements cannot be regarded as state-of-the-art. Using different systems that are not integrated properly to develop products, services and software prevents effective and efficient information transport and therefore the implementation of requirements in products, services and IT-systems. Estimates suggest that today 70% to 90 % of the costs of product improvements are caused by the communication and the structuring of requirements.

Therefore the goal of this project is to develop a new, collaborative and web-based Business Requirements Management System (BRMS) that supports the whole requirements life cycle to the point of their realization in products, services and software and the integration in product-, change-, configuration-, quality-, process- and risk management.The focus here is particularly placed on the context of the requirements.

To accomplish this, BRM 3.0 uses techniques and methods that allow the dynamic allocation of arbitrary relevant contexts, the efficient identification of relevant semantic relationships between data in the reference systems, the graphical declaration of contexts as well as user-centric resolution of relevant associations (reasoning).