PHP4Mono - The Mono PHP Compiler

Start date: 01.08.2005
End date: 30.04.2006
Funded by: Google Summer of Code
Local head of project: Dr. Raphael Romeikat
Local scientists: Prof. Dr. Bernhard Bauer


With the PHP Compiler for Mono you can develop standalone applications for the Microsoft .NET Framework or the compartible open source implementation Mono in PHP.

The project PHP4Mono aims at making PHP available as further programming language for the .NET platform and like that bundle the strengths of both sides. For this purpose a compiler is being developed which translates PHP scripts directly into Common Intermediate Language (CIL), a standardized intermediate language. During translating the PHP language elements used must been reproduced exactly with CIL's features. The result is then saved as executable (exe) or program library (dll).

With PHP on .NET a lot of new possibilities turn up. Developers may use PHP no more only as scripting language for webites, but also as programming language for developing standalone applications. All important PHP language elements are already supported by the compiler's current version and the remaining gaps are closed bit by bit.

A special feature is the ability of calling other .NET assemblies directly from within PHP code. In doing so one can also code graphical user interfaces directly in PHP.

PHP4Mono is an open source projekt, is hosted by SourceForge and is licensed under the GNU General Public License. More information, a tutorial and a list of all features already implemented and still planned are available on the website of PHP4Mono