Agile processes in the ERP-enviroment: Modelling, simulation and execution of agile processes / Aspect-oriented modeling / Java Workflow Tooling

Start date: 01.01.2006
Funded by: High-Tech-Offensive Zukunft Bayern
Local head of project: Prof. Dr. Bernhard Bauer
Local scientists: Stephan Roser
Florian Lautenbacher



The aim of this project was the development of a methodology and system for the specification, simulation, deployment and execution of agile business processes and their embedding in existing or proprietary ERP-systems.

Therefore, a slim and innovative process integration framework has been designed to build a bridge between data-oriented ERP-systems and function-oriented process engines. In order to achieve this aim a modelling enviroment (AgilPro LiMo) has been implemented in which the models can be created and maintained from different view points such as business view, technical view, etc. - both, graphical and via Domain-Specific-Languages (DSL). Additionally, using the AgilPro Simulator the processes can be previewed on a desktop machine. The additional workflow codegeneration allows to transform the modelled process into executable formats such as BPEL4WS.

During this project several promising case studies have been made to evaluate the results.
Please find more information about AgilPro here.

AgilPro - agile processes in the ERP-enviroment (German publication)


As part of the Eclipse project Java Workflow Tooling we developed an approach to extend existing EMF-based models with aspects. This is one example for our research in the area aspect-oriented modeling.


The Eclipse Java Workflow Tooling (JWT) project is an open-source subproject under the Eclipse Technology Project.
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